Saturday, 23 June 2012

Too Long Away

I have spent the last few days feeling like a delivery driver / Pickfords worker.  Packed up the exhibition on Sunday, but delayed unloading the car until Monday.  This was due to excellent and jolly reasons - one of my oldest friends came (unexpectedly) to the show on Sunday, and after packing up and a celebratory glass of bubbly in MB's garden, we went out to dinner, and I did not get back until late.  On Tuesday I drove to Manchester, with a lunch stop in Northants at  M&D's, to bring my Boy home!!   I met his delightful girlfriend, and we went out for dinner together.  Wednesday morning brought a rude awakening when I saw the state of his student flat.  Having planned to leave by lunchtime after a genteel visit to the textiles collection at the Whitworth Art Gallery, we actually left at 7pm after a day cleaning!  His five flatmates all left last week, and had done nothing to clear the communal kitchen / living room.  Twelve bags of rubbish, four bags of abandoned crockery (which we had to wash first) to the charity shop, unnumbered sheets of kitchen roll, two bottles of spray cleaner.....  The cupboards were full of tins and opened packets, the work surfaces and stove were CRUSTY and the fridge??  Words fail me, and I am still recovering!
We got back to M&D's at 10pm, and collapsed in a heap.  Boy had a day's work with my brother (a conservation stonemason) on Thursday, so I chilled with Mum and Dad - it was Dad's birthday, and I have not been there on his birthday for ages, so it was especially good.  Family gathering supper too.
Home late yesterday afternoon; cue another heap - and we still have to unload the car of his stuff, and find homes for it in my minuscule flat, which is already stuffed to the gunwhales. Deep joy.  But it is so lovely to have him home (although he is off later to a party and won't be back 'til tomorrow or Monday).  Term does not begin until September, so I have time to psych myself up for the return trip.  And now I need to get back to Time Machine and do some more work on the outdoor tapestry - there is an official opening for the Sensory Garden next Saturday - hope the weather improves, it has been most unsummery for the last few days.


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