Thursday, 14 June 2012

Latest Tapestry

The design sketch, from a drawing made at Life Class, scanned and given a blue background in Photoshop.  The working title (I always feel the need to have a title, why is that?) is 'La Penseuse en Bleu'.

I have gone back to the old ways; making the setting selvedge with warp thread, and stitching the cartoon rather than using tags. The warp is double 12/9s, weft of strands of three different 28/2 blue wools* and one strand blue linen, with the figure marks woven over singles in one strand each green wool and viridian linen.  In the lower right there are occasional short lines of soumak in the blue weft with added fine glitter yarn in viridian and violet - you can just see one in the picture below.

*Denim Blue, Teal and Indigo.  The same ones as in Nefesh, dyed for me by Weavers' Bazaar.  The green wool is theirs too (Lush Green).

I have also been working on designing Rebuilder, with paint and Hebrew text and collage.  Enjoyable.

Now I have to bath doglet.  She rolled in horse unmentionables along the Arun, just before we were expecting evening guests at the gallery.  Ladylike, NOT.

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