Sunday, 3 June 2012

In which our heroine, in the process of a post preparation potter, discovers...


Probably refugees from the Time Machine.  Thankfully I still had some unopened moth stuff (not the über-toxic naphthalene which is no longer available here, and has to be smuggled in from France forgotten about) and a large enough Really Useful Box (yes, they really are called that) to get all the wool from TM into.  Should have done it before, but I thought they were safe knotted in poly bags.  Everything else was already boxed and protected.

The Private View went well, and we had a goodly number of visitors yesterday.  We weren't sure how things would go being Jubilee weekend.  It is raining this morning, hence the indoor pottering before I go Arundelwards to take over gallery duty at 2pm.  It is a beautiful town, and the gallery is very well situated on the High Street - good footfall.  Doglet and I went for a walk along the river Arun in the morning.

I am taking my camera with me so will post photos of the show later on....

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  1. eeek! exterminate!
    Can't wait to see photos of the show.


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