Friday, 8 June 2012

Nearly Finished

'Thread of Grace' within 1/2" of completion.  Good to be weaving in the gallery, it does cause people to stop and talk to me about it, and is much better for me to be doing something useful in between visitors.

Tomorrow I shall cut it off and warp up ready for another small tapestry, a line drawing of a figure this time, and on a background of some lovely mixed blues - previously sampled in the Spindrift series of tines which you can see in the gallery pics above.

I have also made a start on designing the cartoon for the cathedral tapestry - although I still need to take some photos inside the cathedral for colour reference in order to set my palette - practising with different handwriting fonts for the text, and will start to collage images copied from the archive.  The working title is 'Rebuilder' based on Isaiah 58:12 about restoring broken walls and, by extension, rebuilding broken lives.  I will keep you posted....

1 comment:

  1. love all the shading, beautiful.
    have you ever come across the 'red thread' symbolism? i've been reading a bit about it lately, quite intriguing.


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