Thursday, 4 October 2012

A Lovely Day

Today dawned bright and fair and proved to be an excellent day for outdoor weaving. It was also an excellent day for people to decide on visiting, so I divided my time between working on the octopus and serving tea and cakes. (Paul was chopping wood at the end of the garden; his aim is to fill the yurt with logs for the winter). Progress was made despite all the interruptions.

Michael and Moley discussing the finer points of chain saws.....

We also had a bit of jollity this morning when someone brought in an old chemistry set, complete with (wait for it......) MAGNESIUM RIBBON. A bit oxidised, so not the quantity of brilliant white flame we hoped for, but better than nothing. We are saving the rest for a special occasion, along with other whizz bangs. We do have fun at the Time Machine.

Location:Time Machine

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