Friday, 5 October 2012

Of Robins and Patriotic Dogs....

Arrived this morning to blue skies and the cheery robin in the hedgerow. He sings to me every day as I work on the octopus, and is becoming bolder about being seen. I hope to lure him to my loom with mealworms.....

Waiting for last night's ran to dry off the tapestry and doing some indoor making, I turn to see the doglet asleep on our vintage flag; is this patriotism or treason?

And this, I thought, seems a good way of dealing with moments of bleugh:

Amended by me to

Location:Time Machine


  1. You should totally make the "amended" version in to a poster in it's own right! I'd love to hang it on my wall/computer background. =)

  2. Gorgeous little doglet, she knows what's best for her. Love your amended version, i agree, weave it.


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