Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Wonderful Wednesday

Look what I got today! My official badge. I wore it all day!

We had a very useful meeting planning the dates for the school and family workshops that I shall lead during the residency, and generally talking about the ideas for making stronger links between TM and the cathedral to echo the fact that we are built from their rubble. I shall be doing one family day during half term, three primary school days, one SEN school day and a secondary morning which ties in with a Holocaust Survivor talk; not on HMD, but the week afterwards. That one was news to me, so I have to plan an additional (and appropriate) activity. All very exciting.

This afternoon ( and before the meeting) I did some weaving. I finished the octopus yesterday (but forgot to photograph it before it rained on me) so am back on seascape filling until such time as I decided to add some fish. The weather was lovely and sunny until about 4, which was very gratifying. I then spent some time arranging my new indoor space. This evening a group of poets came for a reading around the fire pit, so I did mulled wine and they toasted marshmallows. We filled the garden with candles and it looked fantastic. Cue more night time events methinks.


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