Saturday, 20 October 2012

Weaving Back in Time

Excellent first day of the millefleurs course with Louise Martin. We began with hachures (stepped and smooth) then a double ended hachure 'cheat'. After lunch we each chose a motif - here a violet leaf - drew it onto the warp and set to....
Great lunch and supper, a lift to the station and I am on my way home for cocoa and an early night with a tapestry book, choosing a motif to weave tomorrow. I am tempted by one of the rabbits from The Lady and the Unicorn, which I can then use in my entry for Tapestry Mischief. A White Rabbit and a bottle saying Drink Me; 'Go Ask Alice'.

Location:A Train Between Angmering and Chichester


  1. Goody, daily updates on your millefleurs. But maybe you haven't noticed yet - bunnies are not fleurs ;) !! What warp sett are you using?

  2. Love the idea of the white rabbit etc for Tapestry Mischief

  3. 4 epc with 9s cotton. And there will be fleurs too. Today I was sampling a bunny's bottom. As you do :-))

    1. Hah, you're getting off lightly. I wove a dog's head at 8epc a few years back for a college exam. Had to contact the V and A Museum for the correct warp sett.
      Bunny's bottom sounds like fun.


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