Tuesday, 17 July 2012

At Last!

The first day in ages when the weather has been good enough to weave outside; the first day in ages when it has not rained at all.  It has felt more like November than July.  I seriously thought that we had slipped into a Time Warp and lost five months.

The soumak and looped centre flower completed

The net and nylon voile with hair bobble centre 
Tomorrow I may try to undo some of the Ghiordes knots and blur the change from orange to yellow; it is a bit more abrupt than I realised whilst I wove it.  I forgot Pat's mantra (which has to be spoken in a police voice) "Step Away from the Tapestry".
Lots of background to fill in and wrapped rope to add on before I come to the next flower, so I wound a job lot of the green weft bundle this evening.  Weaving background only for a while will be nicely meditative.

In other news, I have found the charger for my small camera!  After hunting high and low I had reached the conclusion that it was somewhere in the black hole garage, and that only complete emptying would locate it.  Imagine my surprise when I spotted in a box of wires the Boy brought back from Uni - it has had a nice holiday in Manchester for 9 months.  Glad to have it back because it is small enough to take everywhere; my SLR is just a bit too heavy.  No excuses for lack of photos now.

I had an interview last week for a full time (short term contract) weaver post at WD.  A full day of weaving a sample at a fine sett, which was fun, and learning a new (to me) technique specific to mediaeval tapestry.  Have to wait a while to hear whether I was successful, but if I am it will be a very exciting time.  The TM tapestry will be completed at weekends.  Watch this space.....


  1. Lovely happy flowers, up close or stepped back. Good luck with the interview. I would be interested in knowing a teeny bit more about the medieval technique, please.

  2. It's called hachure or triangular hatching. I will photograph my diagram and post it - easier than trying to describe! The tapestry I would be working on is the last of the 'Hunt of the Unicorn' series, to be hung in Stirling Castle, Scotland.


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