Saturday, 21 July 2012

As At Thursday...

The elastic band flower - used all I had, so need a trip to Staples for more supplies...

French Onion soup supplied by Paul (it was cold again on Thursday) and my trusty bo'sun's bucket.  The plastic knives are not for snacking, nor a rudimentary form of defence against marauders (I have the doglet for that!).  Their handles were the perfect width for the loops on the centre of the soumak flower.

The stockpile - result of a MEGA winding session.

No weaving yesterday, instead a drive to collect the Boy from the Dashwood Mausoleum ( ...) where he has been larking about labouring for my conservator brother.  The M25 was truly horrible.  Oh for a helicopter.  And a pilot!

We came back across country (and the scenic delights of Didcot power station), which was much more pleasant.

Going in to weave some more today, leaving Boy to sleep off his labours.

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