Sunday, 29 July 2012

Excitement Galore!

Thursday's dyeing- Acid Jade

Friday's dyeing - 50:50 Acid Jade and Acid Blue, progressive dye baths

Today's completed flower, made from a scarf that Caz found in the Pound Shop (guess the price?) stitched to the tapestry background, with a giant sleigh bell centre.

We decided to have an evening fire in the pit, with added whizz bangs - handy to know a gamekeeper with an inexhaustible supply of shotgun cartridges, which we dismantled and either exploded with a screwdriver and hammer or put on the fire, stood well back and waited for the bang!  Jolly good fun.  The lead shot I shall use for some cuttlefish casting later on - once I have wombled some cuttlefish from the beach.

Don't try this at home!

And the evening rainbow.

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