Saturday, 28 July 2012

Technology has its Limits

One of the things I thought I could do with my lovely new iPad was to take a photo with it and instantly upload it to the blog. Not so, 'blogger' and 'photos' do not speak the same language, so I still have to use camera and lead at present. There must be a way to do it via a web album or some such. I shall not give up... For many other things - not least portability in an art bag - I love my iPad. I am working on the cartoon for Rebuilder using a drawing program called Procreate.


  1. Hi LouLou... I use BlogPress for my iPad... works just fine. My blog is at blogspot, too. BlogPress wasn't too expensive from the apps store... can't remember just how much but...

  2. Thanks for that Tommye! Did you enjoy (are you still enjoying?) your ATA trip? LLx

  3. The ATA retreat was great! Got back to Georgia on Wednesday and am still catching up with the 4 hour time difference... but I've been able to be in the studio at least a couple of hours each day since then.


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