Sunday, 22 July 2012

Oh What a Tangled Web.....

A nice couple of days - in both weather and work terms.  Wrapping cords to make tangled and twisted vines across the face of the background.  Several interested visitors, young and old, and a new idea for the second panel.

Off to acquire more elastic bands, and a higher platform tomorrow.  More than half way now :-)


  1. Does anyone play with it when you're not there?

  2. No-one has added any weaving, but I guess it does get touched. But that is the point! The second panel is going to be a seascape with a giant octopus - proper large tentacles long enough to 'hug' children. Will be fun. I am working as much as possible while the weather is good; if I get the weaving job at WD I will only be able to weave this one at weekends.

  3. I love that long tentacles hugging idea, knitted i-cords make wonderful long tentacles too. Fingers Xed for the good weather.


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