Friday, 27 July 2012


The original lith, which began my blogging journey back in 2010, is no more.  It has been in the garden at TM, and moved around various locations over the year, and in the last few weeks Paul moved it to the top end, so I was used to not seeing it every day.  Early yesterday morning (on a back stretching stroll - my stool is only marginally more comfortable than a spike) I went to see how it was faring and it was nowhere to be seen.  When Paul arrived he told me that it had been stolen by foxes (or rats), presumably to make a nice bed for their cubs (or ratlets) and that he finds bits of it when mowing the verge outside the hedge.  Quite what the foxes (or rats) have done with the aluminium armature wires is a matter for conjecture.  Could they be fashioning an arsenal of rudimentary weapons in order to fight back against centuries of human prejudice and oppression?  Perhaps I had better not work in the garden alone any longer - and there was me planning to camp out in order to make very early starts......


  1. Oh no! I am sorry for your loss, but isn`t that sort of what your work is about? I`d love to think baby foxes cuddling up in something I wove...


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