Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How My Garden Doth Grow

Pink crochet flower (with clock parts).  Yesterday Moley (a good friend and regular coffee visitor to TM) pimped my ride with a bouquet of old hedge bits, so this is my revenge - a hideously pink thing to add to his pick up when he is not looking.  He is the least 'pink' person I know.  Sadly he did not drop in today, so revenge will have to be served later.  Not cold though.  Far too hot here for that.

More background and more pink flower.  The surface looks very soft, but the structure is quite firm and deep:-

If I use the same technique for the octopus on the second panel, and graduate the formers from thin to thick and back again I should build up a wonderful 3D body (for the octopus! - mine is already quite 3D enough :-)).  I need to source some suitably coloured eyelash yarn for the octopus weft bundles - the effect is so good here.

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