Monday, 21 May 2012

Blue Flower and More Background

I did the blue one yesterday, in the 90 minutes I was at TM before the cold wind blew me home to weave indoors.  Ghiordes knots with continuous loops.  Looking at this I see a loose end at bottom right that needs to be anchored behind.  I filled in more background today (lovely and warm!) and wrapped some more cord.  Paul had locked up and gone off to rescue some bees or mend a wall or something whilst I was at my exhibition meeting, so I had no access to the studio to replenish my green bundles and had to stop until tomorrow.

Off to a concert in Brighton tonight; ' 'The Lady', A Homage to Sandy Denny'.  The tickets were advertised on Freecycle this morning, and I replied in time to be given them.  WooHoo!!.  Am going to put my folkie glad rags on shortly and drive to Littlehampton to meet up with a friend, then travel on to B.  What Lovely Impromptu Larks, Pip!

1 comment:

  1. Your flowers are a lot of fun and i really like the background with the vines.


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