Sunday, 20 May 2012

Partners in Crime (Psycho Cat and Dog the Destroyer)

WARNING: If you are of a sensitive disposition, look away now!!

<> I have a collection of robins in various media (as you might guess from previous posts).  It is now depleted by one.  This was one of those Christmas tree decorations - a bit tatty - , and was in the cupboard under my drawing desk.  In a suspiciously concerted act, it was stolen by the cat, who batted it round the room a few times, then feigned boredom.  The dog (similarly feigning disinterest during the cat's dance) suddenly pounced on it and basically flayed it to the gruesome state you see here.

Clearly I shall have to watch them closely for further signs of wickedness.  I might be next......

1 comment:

  1. Clearly they have made a midnight pact together. Your post title worried me, i feared for the garden tapestry but realised you would not have taken the cat out to it.
    Happy weather for the week.


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