Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I Like My Life

Today I worked on a lot more background and the start of the next flower - soumak knots in 4ply flax.  I may do the centre in that lovely red mix.  This afternoon I was sitting perched at the next level (low stool on weaving platform - I have progressed through: cushion on floor, low stool, three-legged chair, three-legged chair+cushion).  There was a soft breeze ruffling my hair, the shade was dappled and I was doing work I love, and I suddenly thought "I REALLY like my life".  And despite a bit of a setback when I got home, I still do.

The setback?  The person I was due to share exhibition space with at Arundel (starting next Friday) has had to pull out.  I now have to decide (pronto) whether to go ahead on my own........


  1. Looking good. Not a setback, more an opportunity!

  2. Good way of looking at it! I certainly don't feel anxious or annoyed about it, just want to make the right decision....


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