Tuesday, 29 May 2012


This is a detail of a tapestry I completed during my PGDip in 2010 - a precursor to 'thebigone'.  At the time I called it 'Christmarks', but now that it has gone for proper mounting and framing (sans glass) for Arundel, I have changed it's title to 'Corpus Christi'.  The second weekend of the exhibition coincides with the festival of that name, and Arundel Cathedral make a big thing of it, so it seemed appropriate.  I am also putting in some of the Pieta prints and drawings, along with the small tapestry of the same name, also now professionally mounted and framed:

You will have gathered that I decided to go ahead with the show!  Many pieces are still at the framers, but I still have a lot here too - I have amassed quite a body of work in the last two years.  I shall take it all with me on Friday, and make choices as I set up.  Tomorrow afternoon I am collecting some porcelain from a lovely lady who is going to share the space with me, and who is trusting me to arrange her pieces alongside mine.  I am very excited, and a teeny bit scared - this is very much more 'exposed' than an end of year show, or anything I have taken part in before.  But I have at least 12 definites for the Private View, so I will not be drinking cava alone.

Tomorrow I have a lunchtime meeting with the Education Officer from the cathedral for some preliminary discussions about my residency there in Feb 2013, and a possible solo exhibition in the autumn of 2013!  Jolly times.

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