Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Poles and Peggy; Warping and Warbling

The cave-to-be!  The spaces between the side and rear poles will be filled with climbing plants, as will the roof, and there will be a water feature (made from a parabolic reflector and radar dish) inside.  There will be tapestry panels either side of the entrance...

There was a sudden good weather window at 4pm, so I drove over to TM (oh the joy of being mobile again!), Paul moved the bottom poles up, and added an extra horizontal and I set to, marking the poles at 2cm intervals and then (deep breath, loo visit etc, because once you start, you CAN"T STOP) started to warp.  It took about an hour (and more than 100 climbs up and down the step ladder), then a very welcome mug of tea from Caz, followed by the tensioning, twining and half hitching (for which I sat cross legged on a cushion, singing Peggy Lee's "It's a good day..." buzzed by passing time trial cyclists.

And so to weaving tomorrow if the weather holds......  I have lots of lovely yarns and materials, donated by members of the local community, to work with, and the plan is for semi abstract floral design which will integrate with the planting.  The people who funded the garden are visiting on Friday, so I hope to have made some progress and be seen in action.

Plan B is to continue with 'Thread of Grace' at home.

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  1. this is such a delightful and happy project, i'm hoping like mad that the weather holds for you


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