Friday, 18 May 2012

Flowers and Flo

Progress by the end of a seven hour weaving day on Wednesday  (without extreme weather gear :-))

This flower was made with mixed Harris singles (about 8 in a weft bundle), Ghiordes knotted around pairs of warps, Lark's head around singles where numbers demanded it, with a pick between each row of knots.  Fun but time consuming!  The centre is 4ply warp.  I opted out of plastic bags, because so many are biodegradable and I don't want it to disintegrate too soon.  The next flower will be blue and turquoise rip stop nylon, the result of a secondary womble in the TM loft; where Paul wombled it in the first place I am not sure.

Bonus shot of the weaver's dog.  She does enjoy her days in the TM garden (I don't have a suitable one at home - it is a front garden without a fence, and not very big - the only downside of my little flat)

Yesterday was a bit of a loss.  Woke up with a blistering headache and back spasms.  Possibly due to excess weaving, but more likely a Wednesday evening of fun, playing and wrestling with a 5-yr old!  [Mental note not to enjoy self so much]  Weather was a bit yuk too, but managed a hobble (me) and romp (doglet) at Hunter's Race.  Today is for parcel collecting in Fareham (they missed me three times) and probably an afternoon at TM before baking bread for the Transition Chi Green Cafe tomorrow.  Also have to design some invitations to the Arundel exhibition, which we have brought forward by three days - to 1st June.  No panic or pressure there :-)

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  1. Such a great photo of doglet, all head and ears.
    Your flowers are lovely, so eye catching. I love doing knots when i'm weaving, alas too long ago.


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