Friday, 25 May 2012


...soumak, background, wrapped stems and the beginnings of a knotted flower in orange tulle.  I may do some selective melting of the tulle with a heat gun, but the texture is rather nice (and it grows quickly, because I am not putting in picks).  Although I started it at a higher level than the white flower, the 'drop' means that it looks at the same height - need to bear this in mind for another time.

Off on trips today; collecting Diana from WD shortly and going to look at daylight lamps (they have them in the studio and we want to research having some for our very own) and sheet metal (I can't remember why Diana wants to look at this, but it will be weaving-connected!).  This afternoon collecting Eleanor (also from WD - I can't keep away) and driving up to London, then bus-ing and tube-ing in to Late Tate to look at the Damien Hirst's and other things.

Tomorrow is the BTG South East meeting in Angmering, talk in the morning, then we are going to do a 'round robin' weaving on each other's frames; Sunday I shall either weave or sleep!!

Toodle Pip.


  1. Please give Diana my regards! I haven't heard from her in some time and hope all's well there at WD for her... don't know when she finishes!

  2. Oh the orange tulle gives it such a fantasy edge.


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