Wednesday, 2 May 2012

'Über-Foraging' or 'Why I ♥ Wombling'

On Monday Paul called from Time Machine with news of a loom donation.  He picked me up and we went and met a delightful lady in West Stoke.  I had expected a small table top loom, and Paul a tapestry frame like my Ashford.  Imagine our surprise (and delight) to see a full size four shaft treadle loom.  And bags of Harris, Swaledale and Herdwick yarn for rug and cloth making.  Deep Joy (and then some)

Paul (being the engineer) dismantled it straightaway, it being one of the few occasions when the back of his van was empty and clean.  Despite visitors and all sorts we managed to reassemble it at TM - not in its proper place yet, the weaving area is still not ready - but in a space where it can be used.  Now I have to find my weaving books and revise how to put a warp on.  A pleasant challenge.  We may make some Time Machine rugs for fundraising.

The garden cave-to-be has also been built - thus far a framework of scaffolding poles, which will have climbing plants and a water feature inside.  My task is to weave two front panels in situ, using materials donated by the community (and some of this new yarn).  We are waiting for a dry day to warp it up using garden twine........

Predictably, I did not have my camera with me.

Yesterday I went to WD to talk to people about my ideas for the Cathedral residency, and to do a 'research walk' on the Andy Goldsworthy chalk stones trail.  Today is for errands and weaving.  Only a month until Arundel.


  1. What a fantastic donation, how wonderful for you both. and i groaned about no camera when you spoke about the garden cave-to-be, i can only imagine.

  2. I promise, PROMISE to take my camera when I go to warp up.


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