Sunday, 13 May 2012

Good Days

 This is where I got to after 7 hours of weaving on Friday

with a detail of the wrapped cord 'stem'.

And this after 7 hours today (the plastic bags are to contain and protect the core and weft bundles in case it rains tomorrow)

Detail of the first 'flower', with fringed centre.

Doglet loves being in the garden at TM all day, as do I, but I have grown unused to such long weaving days and have stiff shoulders (and tomorrow will have stiff adductors from perching on a low stool!!)
Lovely to be working large again.


  1. love that flower, so happy. take a break every so often and stretch.

  2. I was being a good girl and breaking every 45 mins and walking up the garden, but then got engrossed for the last couple of hours and forgot! Actually not too bad this morning, so it must just have been tiredness last night. Have to go to a seminar today. Would rather be weaving!


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