Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Essential Wear for Outdoor Weavers

The weather was a bit showery this morning, so I did not go to TM until after lunch, when it seemed as though there would be bouts of dry interspersed with a few showers.  This was indeed the case, but what I had not bargained for was the VICIOUS north wind gusting through the garden (and my bones!)  Already wearing a vest under my smock and trousers, I added my trusty fisherman's smock and then (raided from the TM dressing up box) a naval commander's dress jacket which had rendered me toasty warm last week.  Not today, even with my lovely cashmere fingerless gloves and regular input of tea, and even soup.  The weaving was going well - more stems, more background and the foundation for the next flower - so I dashed home to collect my thermal flotation sailing suit, last worn off the Isle of Wight in a force 6 last summer - much better, and clearly the answer.  Good job I don't need to be glamorous in my line of work!

It enabled me to get another hour of weaving done, before a final icy deluge drove me from the loom.  Paul took this delightful photo making me look even shorter and rounder than normal (I do have another 40cm of leg below the red line)  Home for hot bath, hot tea, a bacon sandwich, clean PJs and cuddle up with doglet and cat.

Ghiordes knots for a red flower tomorrow.......


  1. Brrr, that sounds like too much weather for me to work in, better luck today/tomorrow.

  2. You are so hardcore LouLou!


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