Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 11: In Which I Discover 3 Profound Truths

We had our first school workshop today, with a group of 29 primary yr3 and yr5 children from a school in Havant. They were an absolute delight; responsive, creative, imaginative and persevering. We did two sessions, 'Exploring Hebrew Calligraphy', which they did with drawing, patterning, texture rubbing and collage. The second session was 'Stone Weaving' where they wove into a warp ready placed round some lovely stones. It was in preparing these stones for use that I learned the three truths:-

#1 It is a bad idea to put your finger in a pool of glue from a hot melt glue gun. The clue is in the name.

#2 If you do discover truth #1, do not then pull the hot glue off. This burns additional finger and leaves the original one like this:-

#3 If (the second time you confirm truth #1) instead of pulling off the hot glue you hop about waving your thumb in the air and pull off the glue when it is cool, it looks like this:-

Thankfully, neither of these hideous wounds prevented an afternoon of weaving. Three boulders, one area of deep shadow, no photo.



  1. Poor LouLou! Hope the fingers heal soon!

  2. A friend emailed me profound truth #4:-
    Always use a COOL MELT glue gun.


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