Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 7

It may be time to think of some more imaginative titles for my posts.

Some long and helpful conversations today - yet again leading to some reflection* and design decisions, most notably that I will include all three Hebrew words from my chosen verse in Isaiah and not just Rebuild (ubanu).  The other two are mesovev and goder (Restorer and Repairer).  Need to consult my Hebrew expert for the pronunciation.

“Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the foundations of past generations.  You will be called the Rebuilder of Broken Walls and the Restorer of Streets Where People Live”  Isaiah 58:12

On Monday I have the first of my school workshops.  28 primary children in the morning and 8 older ones in the afternoon.  They will be exploring Hebrew calligraphy, weaving onto stones and watching me weave some of 'Rebuilder'.  Subject to permissions I will post some photos, of their work at least.

These are two poems by Viktor Ullmann, Composer and Poet, written while he was a prisoner in Theresienstadt and before he was transported to his death in Auschwitz.  I heard them on Radio 3, accompanied by some of his music.  Heartbreaking hope which I struggle to comprehend


Cold is the body, cold is the world
And cold the grave into which it falls –
The room is cold, and cold the heart,
Where something still flies heavenwards?
Cold is fate, cold is death
And cold the sore necessity for life....
Cold is hell and cold is greed –
Who has overcome the animal in him?
A warm breeze wafts in from the south,
The Redeemer always rises up again!
Easter will come again – be consoled!
The sun's rays will caress the earth.


Everything will come to fruition one day
Everything will turn out for the good,
Half will not remain undone,
Love will complete the circle
And he who is freed from disgrace and delusion
Will partake of the spirit.

Whatever has gone wrong, whatever has failed,
Will be called to new deeds
In a rejuvenated life:
The old dragon will never be victorious
And you shall slay him one day out of revenge
With your sword plunged to the hilt.

Belief, hope, love, bind one
To God, whom you have sinned against
And he teaches you to come through:
If you learn to suffer and you learn to conquer,
That which painfully oppresses you
Will fade away before the light.

*ongoing and to be written about later


  1. Your pieces are gorgeous. I love bespoke, hand-made things. You are doing a great job.
    Tie down straps

  2. What amazing poems - thank you so much for them. I'll try to find them on Radio 3 podcasts.
    Can I ask a question (and please don't answer it until you have the time)? The bottom of your tapestry is slightly (very slightly) wavy. I am doing an experimental/learning piece at the moment and one half of it has completely collapsed downwards. It looks as if I've not tightened the three rows of twine that I wove at the bottom sufficiently to form a solid base for the weft but I've also seen people using a piece of card woven into the warps to form a base. Any suggestions gratefully received but, as mentioned, not until you have the time/inclination!

  3. Lovely words, both the poems and the quote from Isaiah, and of course your weaving, where did the idea for the work come from?


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