Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Day 20: Spires and Stones

About forty-five children and their adults came to the family event 'InSpired Weaving' this morning, and seemed to enjoy themselves weaving onto stones and cardboard spires with yarn, and paper spires with fabric. Some beautiful budding weavers to be nurtured....

Before we began, just as I am rushing about with my hair looking like Struwlpeter and no lippy on, the photographer from the Chi Observer arrived. I had thought to have escaped because they published an article last week and used an archive photo of the rubble. Clearly they wanted a pic of a current ruin! I had to strike a pose which will cause real weavers to send letters. We shall see how it turns out.

I had another of those moments of epiphany as I was reflecting on the fact that to be authentic, 'Hope' has to have work roughened hands. My little brother works with stone, so I must photograph his hands when he visits at the weekend. Whether hands will go into the finished tapestry, or an accompanying piece is tbd.

I also had a visit from a pair of charming Russian ladies and their English hosts. I learned that there is a firm here in Chi who manufacture and export conservation equipment worldwide, and have done for 50 years. By appointment to the Queen too! The Russian delegation were from the main textile conservation centre (I.e VERY IMPORTANT people), here to inspect a textile washing table prior to shipping, and we had a good conversation (via interpreter) about the dyes I use. Fascinated to learn that I use a microwave to fix the dyes . I have met some extremely interesting people in the last few weeks.


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