Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 9: Spot the Difference

I don't seem to have made much weaving progress today, which means that I must have had a lot of conversations (or several long and deep ones).  I left the cathedral while it was still light outside for the first time as the vergers wanted to lock up earlier than usual, and I shall not go in until lunchtime tomorrow.  The afternoon might be busy, because the radio broadcast is in the morning and may encourage even more people to visit.

In wombling news, I have found some nice shallow cardboard boxes perfect for making beginner looms.  They are the ones the votive candles come in, so there will be an endless supply.  the vergers are going to save them for me.  a bit of trimming and notching with a stanley knife and voila!  I shall make a prototype and photo it tomorrow.  I do like recycling.

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