Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Day 6

Another day, another boulder (and a half). Not a whole day of weaving today as we had a talk by Steven Frank, a Holocaust survivor ( Inspiring, painfully moving and very much in keeping with the theme of my tapestry - hope after despair, rebuilding after disaster and Life after 'death'. Talking to visitors is unearthing some subliminal truths about my work, and some of their observations need reflecting upon. A key word that arises often is 'patience'. Tapestry weaving does take patience, but I cannot tell whether I weave because I am patient, or have become patient because I weave. It is good to ask and be asked these questions, and is one of the benefits of working in public.

My new loom companion. There is a bookcase in the cathedral carved by The Mouseman, so when a friend saw this, he got it for me, so that I have a MouseLoom. It begs the question, are cathedral mice richer than church mice? I shall name him after one of the bishops whose pictures are on the wall behind the loom. Painted by Lambert Barnard in the Tudor period and all with the same face. The monarchs are opposite in the South Transept.
Other nice things that happened today:-
A robin sang to me as I waited for my train this morning.
A lady bought two of my etchings.
The doorkeepers sent a message asking whether I was warm enough and would I like some hot soup. People have been so kind here.
TWO parcels!!


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