Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day Two

Half hitches: 1200
Cups of Tea: 6
Visitors: 30
Daft Questions: 2
Weaving: 2cm x 20cm (the twining and knotting took a long time!)
Photos: 0

Best Bit?  As I am kneeling on the floor bashing down the half hitches with a fork wombled from the Cloisters Cafe an artist friend asks what I am doing, in the hearing of several others.  So I tell her that I am a Performance Artist, and that my work consists of bashing bits of string with a fork.  We tried to keep straight faces but it did not work for long.  But I suppose I am a performance artist in a way at the moment.....

Tomorrow is just weaving; what bliss!


  1. Oh heck, I hope I wasn't one of the ones to ask a daft question (bet I was though!)

    I came over to talk to you with my two children who decided to become unruly...thanks for showing me you work. I see you've made loads of progress since I visited on Sat 2nd Feb.

    Will visit the charity shops you recommended.

    Good luck with the weaving!



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