Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Day 5: At Last Some Weaving to See!

Surprisingly decent photo considering it was taken with my phone (not a Smart one).  I have moved on from dust and shadows to the first piece of limestone rubble.

Most frequent comments:-

"That's going to take a long time"
"That looks like painstaking work"
"...labour of love..."
"hard on the knees / back / eyesight"
"I wouldn't have the patience"


  1. I'm following your project with huge interest and am really looking forward to seeing how this progresses. I'm not sure if you prepared the cartoon some weeks ago or waited until you were in situ but presumably in advance so you knew which yarns to take. I live in West Sussex (just) and will try hard to come down and see you before you finish.

  2. That would be lovely. i prepared this part of the cartoon and the yarns, but left areas to be filled in as inspiration and ideas arise during the residency. i look forward to meeting you!


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