Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day 27: Planning Ahead and Some News

Today was one of my West Dean days, working in the Craft Shop until 2; full of art and craft supplies for all the Short Courses run by the college. Think 'child in sweet factory' and you will get some idea of how enjoyable it is to work there, and how hard it is to come away without shopping. Today I did not resist: some Neocolour crayons (to expt. with rich pinks and reds for 'Rebuilder'), a wide brush (for the Hebrew lettering) and 10 sheets of newsprint to protect the tapestry and the warps when rolling up the loom. So, all necessary purchases.

I the proceeded to the loom via an unplanned planning meeting (!); the upshot of which is that I am staying in the North Transept for a few extra days - dismantling is now on March 4th - so a last opportunity for visitors to see weaving in action.

The excellentnews is that I am staying on within the Cathedral precincts to finish the piece. Not in public, but possibly open to occasional visitors by special arrangement - that I will have to check. I am so glad that I will still be able to be part of things there, as I have enjoyed this residency more than I can say.

The next part of the cartoon is now stitched in place, ready to do some work on extending the bottom of the rubble pile tomorrow.



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