Sunday, 17 February 2013

Day 17: Improved Working Conditions

This morning I ventured into (cue spooky organ music.  Scenes of Moderate Peril etc) The Garage! In search of the ratchet straps that I KNOW I have.  Also my birth certificate; being alive being insufficient proof of having been born it seems.  After two hours, and nearly immuring myself permanently behind a wall of boxes, I gave up and went to Halfords.  They do a nice line in ratchet straps, but not, sadly, birth certificates.  The bottom bar of the loom is now strapped, secure and level.

Close up of the area of reverse soumak, making the nice vertical striation effect that I wanted.  I was going to do it by deliberately inverting the working tension in the open and closed sheds to create ridges, but was not sure how easy it would be to 'recover' a proper surface afterwards.  The reverse soumak idea came to me in a blinding flash at 3am.

I finished early today, and took doglet to Pagham beach for a scamper; good breezy weather but a washed out sunset where I had hoped for a flaming glow.  Never mind, sure to see one another day.  Back to prepare my presentation for the MA and MFA students at WD tomorrow morning, fortified by toasted muffins and Jaffa cakes.

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