Monday, 18 February 2013

Day 18: Knot the Fastest Progress

I did a presentation to WD students this morning, then headed to the loom to carry on with the soumak knotted area.  Knots are slower than weaving, but even so it has surprised me how long it is taking.  Being half term there were lots of visitors, and I had to spend some time tightening up the 20 leftmost warps with shed sticks.  I have found that the fat lolly sticks sold for children's crafts are ideal for the purpose.  I also warped another 50 or so stones for Wednesday's Family Event.  More to do tomorrow now that I have acquired more glue sticks.  I have now done more than a hundred without burns.  And my finger and thumb are healing nicely.
An older lady popped in and gave me a letter to read; her Grandpa, as a three year old actually saw the spire fall in 1861.  He was walking westwards with his mother and looking about him.  She being a sensible grown up and looking where she was going, missed it.  A lesson to us all!  The other interesting fact is that Laurence Olivier used the cathedral to film Richard III; do I recall it being a somewhat histrionic performance, or is it parodies that I am remembering?
I popped in to Time Machine briefly to catch up with Paul's doings.  Elizabeth who gave me all the Harris yarns that I am using in 'Rebuilder' was there too, and suggested that I might like to move my loom into her husband's weaving shed rather than using my sitting room.  We need to measure the ceiling height.  At the moment I feel that, after interacting with so many people for a month, I shall relish the solitude of working in my own space, but that might pall after a month or two.

And another song snippet that I heard the other day, having not heard for years and found pertinent:- 'don't mind if it falls apart, there's more room in a broken heart'

Time to stop blogging and get reading; the Melissa Raphael book is both intellectually gripping and emotionally moving.  I was talking to a lady on Saturday who has read it already.  'Enjoyed' is the wrong word for such subject matter, but she thought it a very good study.

Tomorrow I am joining the Tuesday evening Lent course at the cathedral.  For four weeks we shall concentrate on one of the artworks and a related poem and have a time of guided contemplation.

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