Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 9: Supplemental

I should explain more fully (as I do to visitors) why I have only a partial cartoon.  The first reason is that I wanted there to be something for visitors to see early in the process, and seeing selvedge is a bit dull, so I decided to start weaving imagery earlier than usual.  The other (and main) reason is that I don't actually have a full cartoon yet (Shock!!  Horror!!).  Three weeks ago the main elements of the corners were fixed in my mind and collaged on paper, but the central space symbolic of the transition from ruin to repair, despair to hope, just would not reveal itself.  I decided that I had to leave it alone and trust the process to make it plain.  I have more than enough to weave during the residency, and have the time to absorb the surroundings and comments, do some more drawings of the 'rebuilt' and let it resolve and evolve into view. 
Yesterday I heard a setting of the Nunc Dimittis by Gustav Holst on Radio 3, and today the choir sang it at Evensong as I wove away not ten yards from where he is buried.  It is beautiful.

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