Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day 16: An Unexpected Act of Kindness

I had some inspiring conversations today and my good friend Jules came in to do some drawing and keep me company for a while after her door keeping duty. At about 4.30 I was happily doing some reverse soumak knots (added texture don't you know!) when a chap appeared with a large cardboard box and asked whether I was LouLou. I admitted same and he said that he had come from Gary Francis, who would be along shortly to 'sort me out' (cue exchange of quizzical glances with Jules). He then took some scaffolding clips out of the box and the mists began to clear..... GF arrived shortly afterwards and the mists cleared completely: last weekend a very nice couple visited from Leeds, and were concerned about the state of my back weaving so low down. They were going to a Construction Industry dinner in Portsmouth and Les said that he would see what could be done about getting me some clips to move the bottom bar up (see earlier posts for the looooong saga of acro clips). Today's visit was his doing. We had to work very quietly as Evensong was about to start and the verger told me that the Dean would 'bounce' if we were clanging (I might quite like to have seen that!) and now, thanks to Les, Gary and his colleague, my bottom bar is 18" from the ground, so I can work at a better height. I have to respace the warps and replace the cable ties with some narrow ratchet straps to ensure the tension stays constant, but it is already so much more comfortable. There was a choir concert tonight and I sat quietly knotting to some lovely music. I have been very spoiled.



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